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Webinar: How People Leaders Need to Adapt to Create an Effective Hybrid Workplace

Thursday, 28 October 2021 | 9.30am EDT / 3:30pm CET

Just Some of What You Will Learn in this Special One-off Webinar:

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How To Maintain Company Culture & Escape “Culture Erosion” when going hybrid.
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How To Improve Employee Engagement in a Hybrid Work Environment (and Escape “Two Team Syndrome”)
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The Changed Role of HR in a Hybrid Workplace (and How to Rethink Productivity)
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The Biggest Challenges of Hybrid Work (and How to Avoid Them)
Plus, many more of the latest insights that will help you adapt and thrive in a hybrid world.

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The World Is Going Hybrid, How Are You Adapting?

From Microsoft to Google, some of the world’s largest companies have committed to a hybrid future. It’s a model that promises the flexibility of remote work with the interconnectedness of an office. If all goes to plan, that is.

For people leaders, the shift to hybrid work requires a different approach to leadership. The way you have always done things may not naturally translate to our new hybrid future.

Join us in this webinar as we reveal how to define a hybrid structure that works for you, rethink your role as a leader in a hybrid world, actionable best practices, and much more.

About The Presenters

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John Mills,
Director, Xoxoday, Empuls
Megan Gatlin,
VP Customer Experience & Marketing
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