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Insightful + BambooHR Integration

Unlock real-time data syncing and enrichment in real time.

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This Insightful integration for BambooHR will automatically sync your employee HR data, update it in real time as you make changes, and assign individuals to their respective teams.

Key Benefits

Use this Insightful integration to simplify workforce management. Your employee HR data will automatically sync with Insightful, and any changes you make will be reflected in real time.

After the data appears in Insightful, individual employees will be assigned to their respective teams for convenient productivity monitoring.

The simple onboarding and offboarding processes can save you hours of manual busywork and tedious processes.

Time Off Sync Coming Soon

Check productivity based on the entire picture, including employee PTO. Use information about absenteeism to inform capacity planning.

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Employee Directory
Use the Insightful integration to pull your HR data from BambooHR, and use it for effective workforce management.

Get Instant Data Syncing for Effective Productivity Monitoring

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Productivity Monitoring

Gain access to detailed productivity reports outlining how many hours each team worked, what apps and websites they used, and overall performance trends.

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Custom Screenshots

Set up screenshots to trigger at custom intervals so you can check that individual employees are focussed on work-related tasks throughout the day.

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Hybrid and Remote

Accommodate different work schedules for your employees whether they work from home or come into the office some days. Compare productivity based on location.

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Employee Wellbeing Tracking

Use the automatic time tracking data you collect to identify productivity trends and assess the risk of burnout for individual employees.

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Time Off Sync (Coming soon)

Sync the PTO data you collect from BambooHR to Insightful. Use this information to inform your capacity planning and predict future productivity levels.

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Get real-time attendance alerts so you can be proactive in your workload distribution and ensure productivity levels don’t drastically suffer due to late arrivals or absenteeism.

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