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While You Wait to Hear From Us,
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How do I sign up and set up an account?

It’s easy! Just visit https://www.insightful.io/trial and you’ll be able to setup an account in just minutes so that you can begin using all of Insightful’s features.

Can Insightful be used on Company and Personal Computers?

Yes! Insightful is designed to be used flexibly across company and personal devices, with data seamlessly captured across all devices – even if your team switches back and forth. Insightful’s customizable privacy settings safeguard sensitive personal information (e.g. passwords and banking information) when installed on personal devices.

How do I install Insightful on devices?

With mass, remote and active directory installation options, it’s incredibly simple to install Insightful on all of your team’s devices, whether you have 100 or 10,000.

How do I add Employees?

We’ve made it super simple to add employees when using Insightful. From your Insightful dashboard, simply select ‘add new employee’ and follow the easy prompts to install Insightful on company or personal devices. To see just how easy it is, take a look at our Knowledge Base Guide.

How do I subscribe?

You can get started immediately with a free trial by visiting https://www.insightful.io/trial. Or get in touch with our sales@insightful.io to talk directly about subscribing to a plan that works best for your team.

How much do you charge?

Insightful is rated #1 for best price-to-functionality ratio, with pricing starting at just $6.40 per user. We’ve also made our pricing flexible to meet the needs and size of your team. To find out more about pricing, visit https://www.insightful.io/pricing.

Does the free 7-day trial give me access to all Insightful’s features?

Absolutely! We want you to get the full experience of using Insightful to make sure it’s right for you. That’s why our 7-day free trial gives you full access to all of Insightful’s features.