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Healthcare activity monitoring software that increases data security, simplifies compliance and enhances organizational efficiency.

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Secure Your Sensitive Data & Increase Organizational Efficiency

Insightful gives you a consolidated, contextual view of every user touchpoint across your entire healthcare network. Secure your data with user activity monitoring, streamline compliance with forensic activity logs and elevate efficiency by optimizing your workflows.

hipaa compliance monitoring

HIPAA-Compliance Tracking Software

Built from the ground up with HIPAA compliant data security & integrity protocols to secure Protected Health Information.

Workforce Efficiency in Healthcare

Made for the
Healthcare Industry

Specifically designed for the unique operational, security and compliance needs of healthcare organizations and professionals.

improving productivity in healthcare

Real-time Monitoring
& Reports

Use healthcare activity monitoring software in real-time,  and receive automated reports to streamline internal processes and comply with audits.

Improve Workforce Efficiency in Healthcare by Streamlining Operational Systems & Structures

Insightful makes improving productivity in healthcare simple by minimizing inefficient administration and optimizing organizational structures.

internet activity monitor

Identify bottlenecks in workflows that cause backlogs, increase data risks and hinder your team’s care-giving performance.

monitor computer activity remotely

Improve teamwork across teams and departments with data-rich reports and insights that reveal how your staff can better collaborate.

monitor employee computer activity

Better manage and allocate company resources with healthcare timesheets and by tracking time against projects, tasks and activities.

healthcare timesheets
hipaa compliance monitoring

Detect Insider Threats and Data Exfiltration with HIPAA-Compliant Data Security

Monitor and protect every byte of sensitive data across your entire healthcare computer network and every single device, app or system that is used daily.

monitor internet activity

Track app and website usage to gain time-wide activity visibility and prevent data exfiltrations via HIPAA compliance monitoring.

monitor web activity

Prevent unsafe employee behavior in real-time to safeguard against insider threats, breaches and malicious actions with near-instant notifications.

tracking internet activity

Activity logs record all confidential information accessed, consolidated into reports to detect data breaches, rule violations, at-risk policies and more.

Quickly Respond to Audits
with Around-the-Clock Compliance

Make maintaining compliance a natural part of your daily workflow and efficiently respond to HIPAA compliance audits with comprehensive compliance controls.

computer activity monitoring

Generate activity logs to show auditors how your team spends their time, the apps and websites they use and how they handle sensitive data.

computer activity tracker

Simplify the auditing process by easily generating evidence-rich reports that include record-keeping, immutable logs and document corroboration.

employee activity monitor

Capture and record access to patient records and financial systems with permission-based, automatic activity monitoring and screenshots.

Healthcare Activity Monitoring

Backed by the Gold Standard in Healthcare Security

security breaches in healthcare

Multi Layered Security

Insightful data is AICPA SOC 2, ISO 27001 and HIPAA compliant to safeguard against damaging security breaches in healthcare.

activity monitoring in healthcare

Dual Encryption

Data is fully encrypted at rest with AES-256 and in transit via HTTPS, SSL, TLS 1.2 to deliver the most secure activity monitoring in healthcare.

HIPAA compliance audits

Safeguarding PII, PHI
and EHR Data

Protect sensitive PII, PHI and EHR data with secure on-premise installation on your network or via private cloud, secured by an advanced hashing algorithm.

Standard-Exceeding Compliance
Meets Industry-Leading Productivity

As a healthcare professional, maintaining compliance without hindering efficiency is a daily challenge. Insightful’s HIPAA compliant remote desktop software helps you find the perfect balance.

It’s simplified compliance meets data-rich productivity insights that enhance organization-wide performance.

HIPAA compliant remote desktop software

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