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Easily connect Insightful data into BigQuery for better decision making.

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Connect your work data from all sources  using the Insightful BigQuery integration to gain even deeper insights into your workforce so you can make better decisions. Analyze productivity insights, visualize your data in an easy to digest way, and uncover hidden trends to capitalize on.  

Key Benefits

By integrating Insightful data with information from other systems, you can seamlessly unify and cross-reference in-depth productivity data  with other insights you have about your workforce from your various data sources. This integration empowers you to discover trends, make informed productivity decisions, and enhance employee performance.

What’s more, you can transform raw workforce analytics data into interactive visualizations using your preferred BI tools. Easily understand complex workforce trends, gain predictive workforce insights , and more strategically manage your people.

Integration sets up a managed data pipeline in BigQuery, regularly pulling data about your organization, teams, and employees from our database.

You have the flexibility to select the synchronization date, define the sync frequency, specify the scope of included employees and teams, and indicate the desired data types for synchronization, encompassing Employees, Teams, App Usage, Projects and Tasks, and Fragments.

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Effortlessly sync Insightful data with BigQuery for unified workforce analytics, enhancing your team's performance insights.

Maximize the Productivity of Your Projects with Insightful’s Features

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Productivity Management

Increase overall productivity via in-depth insights into activities, app and website usage, measure time from every angle.

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Employee Well Being

Use the information from observing employee workloads and productivity to make necessary changes and maintain a stable work-life balance.

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Hybrid and Remote

Gain visibility into your time from anywhere – the office, remote, hybrid – and make sure every minute is accounted for.

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Technology Usage

Gain insights into app and website usage, optimize your tech stack, and understand which tools your team utilizes to accomplish their work.

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Proof of Work

Take optional screenshots to verify work, build trust, provide feedback, and improve productivity.

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Get alerted when an employee arrives late, misses a clock-in, takes prolonged breaks, or is absent from work.

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