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Insightful is easy-to-use workforce analytics software that helps teams drive productivity, benchmark performance, and improve efficiency. Over 115,000 people use Insightful daily to be more productive, from large-scale enterprises to productivity-minded SMBs. Purpose-built for remote and hybrid work, Insightful is made for today’s flexible modern workplaces.

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Workpuls is Founded

Our Founder Ivan Petrovic’s idea of a workforce productivity and analytics platform was born. Back then, Insightful was called Workpuls, and with 10 amazing dreamers and our first happy customers, we’ve gained ground quickly and won the Rising Star Award from FinancesOnline!

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100 Happy Customers

We welcomed our 100th customer and hired our 15th employee!

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Workpuls 2.0 Released

Workpuls gets a rebuild! Based on our vision that workplaces of the future will be remote and hybrid – and to better support the needs of enterprise clients – we release Workpuls 2.0 with a new design, intuitive features and even more advanced security.

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200 Happy Customers

Our team grew to 20 and we reached our 200th happy customer!

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The year of growth!

We started the year with 374 happy customers. By the end of 2020, this number had more than doubled to 780 customers relying on our productivity insights daily. Our team grew to 30 amazing team members too.

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1900+ Customers & Growing

Supported by a team of 60 Insightful team members spread across four continents, 1900 happy customers and 115,000+ people use Insightful daily. Plus, a trio of awards helps cement Insightful’s place as the fastest-growing employee monitoring software.

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Workpuls Becomes Insightful

Workpuls is rebranding as Insightful to evolve our branding in line with future plans for our product. We are expanding far beyond employee monitoring to focus on a more holistic approach to workforce analytics, and we have many exciting product enhancements on the way!

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Our Culture

Our multi-talented team is based all around the globe and so are our customers. We’ve taken this global approach to work since 2016, empowering organizations to work productively, no matter where they are.

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Insightful CEO

Insightful is a team of digital-first entrepreneurs, creators, and builders working together to power the workplaces of the future with technology. We move fast, have a bias for action, and thrive on big ideas.

Ivan Petrovic, Insightful CEO
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Meet the leaders

Leadership & Board of Directors

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Ivan Petrovic
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A technologist since his teens, successful founder by his early-20s, and self-professed security nerd. Early days of hacking have evolved into building cloud solutions companies love and managing teams across three continents.

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Jan Kobler
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An experienced and enthusiastic early-stage investor and Managing Partner at South Central Ventures. Driven by a passion for actively working with committed founders to help them grow their businesses.

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Mark Sugarman
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Mark was an early employee at VerticalNet, where he helped take the company public and led the corporate development/partnership team. Mark then returned to investing, and is now the founder and managing partner of private equity firm MHS Capital.

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Ryan Fyfe
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Founder and former CEO of Humanity.com, a global leader in employee scheduling software which he bootstrapped before raising $13m to scale the company to 150 staff globally and into 40,000 workplaces, including Nike, Lyft and CNN. A 10-year veteran of the workforce management sector.

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We’re supported by awesome funds and exceptionally smart investors who are super excited about what we’re building.


2600+ Companies Use Insightful Daily – Including Ours

Work is no longer confined to cubicles and productivity can’t be neatly defined from 9-to-5. This is the flexible, borderless working world that our team operates in – and that Insightful is built for.

If, like ours, your team works from the office, home, coworking space, or somewhere in between, then Insightful gives you granular productivity insights to better understand how they work best.

How you use these insights is up to you. For us? We use the metrics that Insightful provides to support employee growth, give them the tools they need, recognize their wins, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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A Global Team With a Startup Mindset

We deliver customer-centric software that helps teams do their best work. And we do it in a highly agile environment where you have the chance to leave your mark, make big contributions and fully own your work. We’ve grown a lot. But we’ve kept all the best parts of being a start-up.

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