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Searching For A Hubstaff Alternative?

The team over at Hubstaff has built a solid tool purpose-built for field-based teams. If your team works on locations outside the office, Hubstaff can be a great option for tracking time, attendance and location via GPS and mobile devices. On the other hand, if you are looking for productivity insights, time tracking and enterprise-level data controls for office-based, remote or hybrid teams, then it's smart to explore all your options.

So, read on to compare Insightful vs Hubstaff and learn everything you need to know to make the best decision for your team.


Why Teams Who Care About Productivity Use Insightful

To help you make your decision, here are the top reasons why productivity-minded teams often choose Insightful as a perfect Hubstaff alternative.

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Boost Productivity
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Time Management
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Understand Your Teams
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Remote & Hybrid Teams
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Data Security & Control

Deeper Insights & Analysis to Boost Productivity

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The productivity insights provided by Insightful go far beyond the number of hours worked. Insightful gives you a holistic picture of productivity with productivity labeling, monitoring, web/app usage and trends..

Insightful actionable data helps you optimize workflows, coach employees, identify bottlenecks and benchmark performance.

Insightful’s contextual productivity monitoring also lets you understand productivity based on roles and responsibilities. Plus, you can build a culture of self-improvement by sharing productivity data with your employees.

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Simple Activity-Based Time Management

If you want to track your team while they’re offsite and the time they spend on projects, then Hubstaff may be the right solution for you.

But if deeper time insights are what you’re after, then Insightful accurately captures time and attendance across company and personal devices, automates clock ins/outs, tracks time on tasks and projects and eliminates manual timesheets.

Insightful also integrates with your payroll system to simplify payroll and calculates project billing rates for more accurate budgeting.

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Understand the Apps and Websites Your Teams Use

If you want to know which tools make your team productive and stay on top of security and compliance, then Insightful can help with that.

Insightful shows which apps and websites your team members use and how frequently they’re used. With these insights, you can be sure of which tools help or hinder your team’s productivity.

In-depth, automated reports also allow you to audit technology use over time to increase productivity, manage compliance and identify underutilized apps to save money.

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More Effectively Manage Remote & Hybrid Teams

A one-size-fits-all approach to productivity won't work if your staff is hybrid or remote.

Insightful allows you to segment data by office-based and remote employees, allowing you to discover how, when, and where your people are most productive.

With Insightful's remote productivity insights, you can identify the influence of location on your team, create an ideal hybrid or remote structure, and provide employees with the freedom they need to be most productive.

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On-Premise Installation for Enhanced Data Security and Control

If data control and flexibility aren't high on your team's priority list, Hubstaff can work for you. On the other hand, Insightful's on-premise option gives you complete control over your data on your own I.T. infrastructure.

To protect your data, Insightful's on-premise installation option is backed by enterprise-grade security, including multi-certificate compliance and dual-encryption. Insightful is also built to scale, whether your team has 10 or 10,000 users.

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"Insightful = 100% Productivity"

five stars

The way I can calculate payroll and timesheets is fantastic. Also, I love having real-time screenshots and team performance in one go checking Apps and Websites used in my network. Thank You!

Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)
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Making A Final Decision… Insightful vs Hubstaff, Which Is Right For You?

If your goal is to monitor the whereabouts of your employees using features like GPS tracking or verify clock ins and outs with geofencing, then Hubstaff has built a great tool for helping you track your team better.

At Insightful, we believe the more you understand how your team works best, the more productive everyone will be. That’s why Insightful provides even more in-depth insights to help you manage projects more efficiently, balance workloads, and optimize workflows.

This more comprehensive view of productivity enables you to make more informed decisions that can increase your team's performance and well-being. For us, this is a better way to foster productivity and employee engagement for the long-term.

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