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Work in a more informed way with actionable data insights. Become more productive, improve workflows and create more efficient processes.

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Insightful software features shown on product dashboard: Productivity Trends, Activities/Timeline and Office vs. Remote
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Everything You Need to Foster Sustainable Productivity

Insightful makes your team more productive, efficient and accountable – in the office, remote or hybrid.

Productivity Management

In-depth productivity insights help you understand and support how your team works throughout the day. Measure productivity, increase focus time, spot trends and patterns, and prevent employee burnout.

Visualize top productive employees, teams, and productivity trends

Hybrid & Remote

Unify your team wherever they’re located and give your people the flexibility of remote work without sacrificing productivity.

See what impact location has on performance, gain visibility into employee activity, and remotely capture time and attendance.

View Office vs Remote feature on the Dashboard

Time & Attendance

Automate your team’s time and attendance to always have visibility into when they’re working and make shift scheduling simple.

Sort time and attendance by timeframe, schedule shifts based on past data and easily export attendance data for payroll.

View on the Dashboard scheduled shifts and timesheets for efficient time and attendance

Operational Efficiency

Optimize your workflows using detailed process and task analysis to foster a more efficient workplace.

Track time on projects and tasks, identify workflow bottlenecks and use time insights to better manage resources.

activity timeline, active/idle/manual/break time breakdown, activity logs, and productivity

Technology Usage

App and website usage insights enable you to optimize your techstack and see which tools your team uses to get work done.

Prevent costly technology sprawl by identifying unused or underused software licenses and only pay for the user accounts you need.

app and website usage, usage by location, and usage per employee
Insightful software dashboard showing an example company’s productivity score, work time, most productive employees and teamsInsightful dashboard showing office vs remote functionality, including timeline, location, work time, and productivityInsightful dashboard showing time and attendance functionality, namely scheduled shifts, timesheets and attendance managementInsightful dashboard showing operational efficiency functionality, namely activities, timeline and logsInsightful dashboard showing technology usage functionality, namely website usage, usage by location and by employee

Surfacing Actionable Insights in the Noise Of Daily Work

data insights
Flowchart demonstrating how the insights provided by Insightful can lead to more effective people management and productivity
everyday activities can lead to more effective people management via work data insights
more effective people management via work data insights

Insights that Enable Your Team to do Great Work, Daily

Insightful enables productivity-minded teams to work more effectively with practical insights that help you make more informed decisions about your people and processes.
No more relying on hunches or assumptions.
Graphic showing how Insightful improves the performance of employees, leaders, and companies to make them more productive
Helps companies of all sizes be more productive and efficient

Helps companies of all sizes be more productive and efficient.

Helps companies of all sizes be more productive and efficient.
Equips leaders with a better way to manage and more visibility

Equips leaders with a better way to manage and more visibility.

Equips leaders with a better way to manage and more visibility.
Gives work flexibility and wellbeing support

Gives employees more work flexibility and wellbeing support.

*Try every feature. No credit card required.
*Try every feature. No credit card required.

The #1 Workforce Analytics & Productivity Software

Insightful turns your work data into actionable insights that make your team more productive. Backed by enterprise-grade security and award-winning customer support, so it’s no wonder we’re consistently ranked no.1.
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Used by 130,000+ People Daily
(Who Have a Habit of Raving About Us)

Excellent Customer Service
Customer service is excellent! Also, how they handled onboarding shows how much they care about their customers and service.The software accurately tracks time and calculates productivity, while other settings can be adjusted to meet customers' needs. There are various functions to add productivity labels for each team.
 excellent quality and customer satisfaction
Assel S.
Operations Support Intern
Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)
Detailed Productivity Insights
It’s designed to keep all the critical operations in check and on time. It helps you to remain focused on the growth of the business. It helps you to analyze and optimize the performance and productivity of employees by providing behavioral insights. It allows you to analyze the project costs. It enables you to add multiple tasks and set a timer for each task.
Kaneesa A.
Senior Brand Marketing Manager
Enterprise(> 1000 emp.)
Great App for Remote Employee Time Tracking
Automated time tracking is great - guys adjusted it for us. Remote employee monitoring - great but I only used it to see what types of apps and websites our employees use. Projects and tasks added significant value for us. Overall it was the only software we tested in this industry that was simple to install and to use.
Mark E.
Marketing and Advertising
201-500 employees
An Essential Tool for Managing Today's Digital Workforce
Insightful has revolutionised how we’re able to work remotely and efficiently, and how we are able to manage staff while supervisors are out of the office. Insightful give a real view of how users are using the software assets and has enabled us to re-evaluate software product usage and license management of expensive software.
Andy G.
Civil Engineering
11-50 employees
Amazing Software
It works great for our remote workforce. We love the real-time productivity statistics and reporting. This ability to measure productivity has incentivised the employees to better time manage their day.
Juan V.
Software Engineer
Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)
Superb Productivity Monitoring
This is a tool that helps our organization establish transparency of work across team members, team leads & management. We feel the expanding team is more manageable now in a work-from-home / remote mode. And it’s a nice way to create an accountable ecosystem at work.
Yogesh H.
CEO, Swaran Soft OĂś
Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)
Great Product!!
Overall, I feel Insightful has assisted our company in determining what employees are more productive with their time than others. This software assists managers with creating employee productivity benchmarks based on usage analytics. I love the simplicity of navigating the system.
Marisol P.
Director Human Resources
201-500 employees
Truly Insightful Data
The ability to easily set up the software and bring the team online using a very user friendly interface has greatly impacted the ability to roll out the software throughout the organization The ability to have a live dashboard and to select screenshots to be taken every hour or the like is great - the ability to choose productivity models to best determine team success is outstanding.
Imran S.
Operations Manager
11-50 employees
Great Experience with Insightful
We have a really great experience with Insightful. It solved a lot of problems like tardiness, wasting of time, over breaks, and many more. I love how you can see what the employees are opening and how much time they spend on apps. Also, as an outsourcing company, it's one of our selling point to our client that they can monitor the people they hire.
Cliff Ian M.
Deputy General Manager
201-500 employees
Excellent Customer Service
Customer service is excellent! Also, how they handled onboarding shows how much they care about their customers and service.The software accurately tracks time and calculates productivity, while other settings can be adjusted to meet customers' needs. There are various functions to add productivity labels for each team.
Assel S.
Operations Support Intern
Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

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Insightful’s software featured in Forbes, a renowned business and technology publication
Insightful’s software recognized by PCMag, a trusted source for technology reviews and recommendations
Insightful’s software highlighted in the New York Post, a prominent news publication
Insightful’s software showcased in The Business Journals, a leading source of local business news and insights
Insightful's software featured on Business News Daily, a trusted resource for small business news and tips
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See How Companies Like Yours Achieve More With Insightful

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Increased Sales

Farmers Insurance Increased Sales by 20% with Insightful

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Increased Productivity

Digital Estimating Increased Productivity to 90%+ with Insightful

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Sustainable Productivity:
A More Conscientious Way to Work

We think about productivity differently to others. For us, it’s not about tracking keystrokes, surveillance or micromanaging.
Instead, we live by an ethos of sustainable productivity that’s built on situational work data.

These insights support healthy work habits, nurture employee wellbeing and foster long-term productivity.

A graphic showing how Insightful fosters sustainable productivity through work habits, wellbeing, and long term productivity

Achieve Sustainable Productivity
with Insightful 

*Try every feature. No credit card required.