How Pexly Better Manages Global Teams with Insightful

Discover how Pexly leverages Insightful for enhanced visualization, transparency, and business intelligence to better manage their global workforce. 

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Employee Monitoring
I like the visualization in the app. I can easily find everything I need and it's enough for me - it was very easy to learn and intuitive.
Michel Mertens,
Managing Director at Pexly

Wanted: A Sophisticated Yet Simple Solution

Headquartered in Amsterdam, Pexly is an experienced company with a long track record in BPO and Customer Service outsourcing. Pexly operates throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas, with international outsourced contact centers based primarily in Eastern Europe.

Pexly currently operates via a hybrid work model. The biggest challenges of adopting remote work was the loss of face-to-face interactions and ensuring that remote agents were doing the job they were supposed to. The constant social aspect that in-office work offers meant that leaders could have their eyes and ears to the ground. Without the ability to have full access to their workforce, Pexly worried that the quality of work could be lost. 

Before implementing Insightful, Pexly kept records using spreadsheets coupled with a CRM tool for attendance tracking. Team leads also checked in with agents personally when shifts were beginning or ending. For productivity monitoring, managers asked agents to share results directly but didn’t offer much insight into agent workloads. They wanted to better understand how much of an agent’s workday consisted of productive time vs. free time.

As our workforce grew, we needed a more sophisticated tool to manage a larger volume of agents and ensure teams are productive and delivering quality work.
Michel Mertens,
Managing Director at Pexly

Favorite Features


Insightful’s Screenshots feature allows Pexly to check in on agents in real-time, by setting up periodic snapshots or manually capturing them at any time. This gives team leads the instant visualization needed to keep their finger on the pulse of their teams, so they can jump in and provide support when needed. 

Productivity Tracking

Productivity Tracking gives Pexly the ability to always know what their agents are working on and when. Insightful gives teams better visualization into their agents' workloads, allowing them to identify a surplus of downtime or cases of overworking, so they can make the necessary adjustments and better manage their teams.

Real-Time Insights

Insightful delivers valuable, real-time insights via the dashboard. This provides Pexly’s team leads with actionable data at a glance. Real-time insights are essential for Pexly to effectively manage their large global teams to keep operations running smoothly and clients satisfied.

A Good Fit

To find the right solution for them, Pexly tested some demos of other tools including omnichannel solutions. They wanted a time tracker/workforce management tool so agents could work within their client's platforms while Pexly could track and manage them.

In the end, Pexly felt that Insightful has the flexibility they were looking for and was a good fit for their company. 

When first introducing Insightful, some employees weren’t too enthusiastic and raised concerns. To address any concerns, Pexly had personal conversations with teams to explain exactly what Insightful is and how it’s going to work for them. They explained the ways the tool could benefit them as agents which incentivized employees. 

They chose to implement Insightful gradually to test the waters, with team leads implementing a few teams at a time. The implementation went so smoothly and the agents were able to handle it very easily; the day after the roll out Insightful was already up and running.

Almost everyone involved with client projects at Pexly are currently using Insightful.

With full transparency and visualization of agent’s workloads, we could identify downtime and offer additional tasks for a bonus.
Alisa Roskovshenko,
Account Manager at Pexly

Exceptional Results with Insightful

Real-time data and easy visualization provided by Insightful allows team leads to maintain constant contact with their agents. Thanks to the insights provided by Insightful, team leads are able to quickly identify any issues and know exactly when and how to step in and motivate their agents. 

Insightful enables Pexly to see how many back office tasks agents are doing as well, not just customer support. This provides team leads with a fuller scope of agent activities and the tasks encompassed in one project. 

Insightful has given Pexly the necessary insight to identify new opportunities within their workforce. For example, after noticing that one part-time agent was more productive than an average full-time agent, they offered her a raise and more hours. This resulted in a happy agent, a satisfied client, and a pleased employer. 

Since implementing Insightful, productivity is on the rise. The agents have access to their own data and their performance has improved, likely in part because they are enabled to better manage their own performance as well.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that agents were using their time for work-related activities - maybe they already were, or maybe the implementation of Insightful reminded them that company devices are for work.
Alisa Roskovshenko,
Account Manager at Pexly

A More Transparent, Visible Working Environment

Provides Greater Visibility of Global Remote Teams

For global companies, working across many time zones results in near round-the-clock operations. Maintaining a competitive edge means that it's important that leaders are able to quickly provide agile support for their teams. To do so, it’s essential that they have their finger on the pulse of their workforce at all times - Insightful provides this visibility. 

Supports Better Performance Management

Insightful helps leaders better manage their teams. Whether your teams are in-office, hybrid, or fully remote, the actionable insights and real-time visualization provided by Insightful enables managers to always know what’s going on with their teams and gives employees the data needed to more effectively manage their own performance.

Provides Greater Transparency of Workloads

The collective features of Insightful’s productivity management solution all amount to one key benefit - transparency. Know when your teams are working, how they’re working, and how productive they are with a full view of their workload, habits, and pain points. This transparency contributes to better business intelligence that you can use to drive data-driven decision-making.

Better Manage Hybrid Teams with Insightful

Use Insightful’s powerful productivity insights to better manage your hybrid workforce.
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