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Product Demo

Turning Workforce Analytics Into a Productive Workforce

Hosted by
Vanja Novakovic
Product Marketing Manager
Miodrag Cutura
Account Executive
32 min

Join us to see Insightful in action. Learn how to use its powerful features to access high-level insights and delve deep into detailed data easily. Understand your workforce and help them develop more effectively.

During the demo, you will explore the tool's features and capabilities with us:
  • Real-time insights
  • Working with insights for both employees and teams
  • Assessing employees' work time usage and applying findings to optimize your workforce
  • Timesheets and attendance insights without spending excessive time uncovering patterns
  • Monitoring apps and website usage: identify tools used by different teams and streamline your resources by eliminating unused ones
  • Employee activities: gain insights into different work approaches, identify idle time interruptions, understand focus issues, and optimize workforce utilization
  • Activity logs: identify time spent on specific processes, gain forensic evidence, and optimize employee efficiency
  • Setting up tracking options and exploring various available choices tailored to your needs