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How People Leaders Need To Adapt To Create An Effective Hybrid Workplace

Hosted by
John Mills
VP Business Development, Xoxoday
Megan Gatlin
VP Customer Experience & Marketing, Insightful
Radisa Radisic
Enterprise Account Executive, Insightful
50 min

The workplace is changing, whether you like it or not - the hybrid work model is likely to become the default workplace structure. The first step is to evolve the existing organizational culture that employees live and breathe every day. So, how do leaders establish an employee culture framework that is seamless to adopt and sustainable in the long run?

In this webinar, Xoxoday and Insightful will cover:
  • Company Culture - How to Maintain a Unified Team (And Avoid “Culture Erosion”)
  • Employee Experience - How to Improve Employee Engagement in a Hybrid Work Environment (And Prevent the “Two Team Syndrome”)
  • The Changed Role of HR in a Hybrid Environment (And How to Rethink Productivity)
  • The X Biggest Risks of Hybrid Work (And How to Avoid Them)"