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How to Use AI to Make Faster & More Accurate Workforce Management Decisions

Hosted by
Ivan Petrovic
CEO & Founder
Sebastian Kipman
Head of Communications
30 min

Why Attend?

What if… you could find out just about anything about your workforce with a single question? Things like, are workloads unbalanced? Who is at risk of burnout? Is productivity up or down?

What you’ve just imagined is our new AI-powered workforce analytics that rapidly interprets and turns your data into actionable insights. With nothing more than a simple question. It’s as easy as writing a message in Slack or Teams.

What You Will Discover in this Special Training Session:

Join Ivan and Sebastian in this special pre-launch webinar where they will reveal  first-of-its-kind AI-powered workforce analytics, where you’ll discover:

  • How to use AI for workforce analytics and increase your team’s productivity
  • The powerful ways to use AI to compare productivity habits
  • What impact technology usage has on your productivity based on data
  • How AI identifies unbalanced workloads and burnout risk to keep your people healthy
  • How AI acts like a team of data analysts to turn workforce data into actionable insights

Plus, so much more…

Save your seat today and get real-time examples of using this AI breakthrough (plus get first access to it free).