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Insightful + Okta Integration

Get smart data syncing and automatic updates in Insightful.

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Use the Insightful HR integration to automatically sync your employee data over from Okta. Sit back and let Insightful assign employees to their respective teams and enrich the data with relevant fields.

Key Benefits

Get full one-way data syncing to simplify your workforce management. Use up-to-date data in Insightful to make informed strategic decisions.

Insightful will automatically assign your employees to their respective teams so you can track both individual and collective productivity.

Continuous data syncing creates a single source of truth in Okta. Every change you make in Okta will automatically be reflected in Insightful to keep your data accurate.

Coming Soon

Use time off sync data to accurately track employee availability, gain insights into productivity, and inform your capacity planning process.

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Employee Directory
Use one-way data syncing to get accurate employee information in Insightful, and automated team assignment.

Sync Accurate HR Data to Inform Strategic Decisions

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Productivity Monitoring

Use Insightful’s productivity monitoring features to gain insights into what’s working and what isn’t in your teams. Pick up on trends and focus your energy on high ROI activities.

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Activities Monitoring

Understand how your employees spend their work hours. Use usage tracking to validate or blacklist websites and apps based on the productivity data.

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Hybrid and Remote

Provide tailored support to employees in both hybrid and remote work schedules. Collect time data to interpret the performance differentials between work models.

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Employee Wellbeing Tracking

Keep a close eye on employee wellbeing with individual productivity tracking and trends. Proactively identify signs of burnout so you can act quickly.

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Time Off Sync (Coming soon)

Use time off sync data to build a clear picture of attendance and availability to predict future capacity and plan accordingly for upcoming projects.

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Get real-time attendance alerts that notify you when an employee is late for a shift. Deploy resources based on your current capacity.

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