Using Insightful to Effortlessly Adopt a Remote Work Environment

Using Insightful, Eurosense has access to accurate time data that ensures time is being used effectively, wherever their team is located.

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I tested different time tracking solutions, but Insightful was definitely the easiest to use.
Daniela Marcov,
Chief Operating Officer

Eurosense Before Insightful

Eurosense is a leading aerial surveillance company in Europe that uses geo data and cutting edge technology to cater to clients in every industry from construction to telecommunication. The company was founded in 1964, and has over 94 employees.

Pre-pandemic, Eurosense employees worked from the office using project management tools to handle tasks among various teams. After the pandemic swept the globe, the company was forced to make the switch to remote work. To smoothen the transition, Eurosense invested in Insightful software to accurately track employee time data.

Initially when I was in the demo period of Insightful, the real working time was very low… now everybody accepts it and works as needed.
Daniela Marcov,
Chief Operating Officer

Favorite Features

Employee Time Tracking

Automatic employee time allows Eurosense to understand whether employees are fulfilling their daily scheduled work time.


Insightful timesheets give Eurosense an overview of how much time an employee has worked in a given time period which leads to accurate payrolls.

Automated Clock Ins and Outs

From a security standpoint, Eurosense is protected from false work-related accident claims due to the precise activity-based clock ins and outs.

Turning to Insightful in a Rapidly-Changing Work Environment

Eurosense turned to Insightful the moment it made the switch to a remote work environment. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak in March 2020, employee monitoring became an integral part of the work dynamic at the company.

At first, the transition to remote work was challenging for employees as they weren’t used to being isolated from each other. Communication and collaboration became difficult, as it did for many other companies in the same situation. While the implementation of Insightful was straightforward from an IT standpoint, there was a breaking-in period for employees.

Insightful gives the possibility to everyone to organize working time as they want to.
Daniela Marcov,
Chief Operating Officer

Insightful Ensured Fair Pay For Workers’ Time

Once Eurosense employees were onboarded with Insightful, the company saw positive results with the software. Insightful’ time tracking feature has enabled Eurosense to pay its workers fairly, based on hours worked. It also provides extra security against false work-related accident claims, as it’s easy to know when workers are clocked in.

In addition to improving the payroll process, Insightful has given Eurosense workers greater flexibility to complete their work on their own time schedules.

Looking in Insightful I see exactly that they’re working from this time to this time so they can’t say that an accident happened in the work time period.
Daniela Marcov,
Chief Operating Officer

Insightful Creates a More Balanced and Productive Working Environment for All

Accurate Payroll

When you use Insightful, you’ll get a clear overview of exactly how many hours your employees have worked so you can pay them accordingly.

Flexible Time Management for Employees

Workers can enjoy greater flexibility with their time when using Insightful. They can complete work on their own time, helping to foster healthy work-life balance.

Effective Remote Team Management Boosting Accountability

Companies can hold employees and teams accountable using Insightful’ time-tracking to identify idle time and time spent productively.

Boost Productivity and Accountability Today With Insightful

Through deep workplace insights, Insightful helps you balance workloads, better manage time, and support productivity wherever your team is located.
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