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Insightful + Shortcut Integration

Monitor project time for product development productivity insights.

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The Insightful integration for Shortcut enables you to track time on your projects and tasks. It also empowers you to boost productivity via in-depth insights into activities, app and website usage, and more. Base upcoming objective timeline estimates on project time data with this Insightful integration for Shortcut.

Key Benefits

Get advanced productivity insights into your workforce based on accurate real-time project tracking to meet your OKRs and goals.

Determine how long different tasks and projects take with your organization-wide Roadmap so you can better understand employee capacity for efficient resource allocation.

Identify where the productivity boosters and inhibitors are with accurate time data. Quickly diagnose and eliminate bottlenecks as you navigate key project milestones.

Tracking activities, app and website usage, and productivity reports enable you to optimize how your team operates. Learn which apps and websites support peak productivity and which tools are preventing your employees from doing their best work.

To record time on your projects and tasks, simply start the timer with a single click from the Insightful widget. The simple clock-in, clock-out functionality is user-friendly, even for first-time users.

From your Dashboard, you can easily manage which projects will appear in your employees' agents.

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Project Management
Use project and task-based time tracking to get more out of your workforce.

Clear Productivity Roadblocks with Project Time Tracking

Screenshot feature icon

Proof of Work

Get real proof of work by setting up custom interval screenshot monitoring for your employees.

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Productivity Management

Learn which websites and apps support productivity in your teams to provide them the best tools.

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Hybrid and Remote

Use location-based tracking to understand how employees work in different work models.

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Client Login

Provide full transparency to your clients by letting them see the progress you’re making on their project.

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Track your project hours so you can accurately invoice your clients every time.

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Receive real-time attendance alerts that notify you when employees show up late.

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