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Insightful + Bitbucket Integration

Manage development team productivity with project time data.

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Use Insightful’s dedicated time tracking feature to identify productivity levels across your development teams.

Key Benefits

Accurately track time on BitBucket issues and repositories, easily get in-depth insights and increase productivity.

Learn what the most and least productive apps and websites are among your developer teams. Use this information - backed by accurate project tracking data - to differentiate between productive and non-productive software.

See exactly how your teams use their time for issue tracking and code management with automatic time tracking. Predict upcoming project timelines based on accurate employee capacity data.

Track key financial metrics for your projects such as labor costs and billable hours to understand fiscal performance. Maintain accurate payroll with this data.

Determine the root causes for slow productivity and quickly solve bottlenecks, instances of idle time, and other productivity inhibitors that might hinder rapid issue solving.

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Project Management
Stay on top of development team productivity and forecast future performance with project and task time data.

Access New Development Cycle Productivity Insights with Project Tracking

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Proof of Work

Establish custom interval screenshot monitoring to create accountability and get definitive proof of work.

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Productivity Management

Manage productivity levels across your teams with access to performance data and reports.

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Hybrid and Remote

Use location-based time tracking to compare productivity levels in different work models.

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Client Login

Let your clients login to your dashboard. Let them see how you work and any progress you’ve made.

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Create accurate client invoices based on the time data you’ve collected for their project.

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Receive real-time attendance alerts that let you know when employees show up late.

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