Maintaining High Levels Of Productivity with Insightful

The Day’s Fleet division of Day’s Motor Group turned to Insightful in a time of uncertainty to ensure productivity levels remain high.

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Insightful has got everything we need.

Neil Williams, Group IT Manager, Day’s Motor Group
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Day’s Motor Group Before Insightful

Day’s Motor Group is a Wales-based automobile business that first entered the market in 1926. The Day’s Fleet division was formed in 1988, offering long-term car rentals and business services to customers all over the UK.

The company first realized the need for time tracking software when it was forced to adopt a hybrid work model due to COVID-19 social distancing restrictions. With more than two-thirds of the workforce working remotely, there was an increasing need to monitor activities and ensure employees were spending work hours productively.

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We chose Insightful to better understand how working from home could benefit the company and our employees productivity in and out of the office.

Neil Williams, Group IT Manager, Day’s Motor Group
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Favorite Features

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Time-Saving Merge

For the Day’s Fleet division, the biggest issue it faced was onboarding all employees seamlessly at a time when many were already working remotely. The employee merge tool, which brings all data together in a single employee profile, helped simplify the onboarding process.

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Simple User Interface

For a company that wanted minimal disruption to productivity, getting used to new software had to be straightforward. Insightful’ intuitive user interface is easy-to-navigate and allows the Day’s Fleet division to carry on with business as usual without any disruption to workflows.

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Activity Screenshots

Employee activity screenshots help Day’s Motor Group boost accountability among the workforce and ensure consistency in the way daily work gets completed.

Upholding Productivity Levels with Insightful

For the Day’s Fleet division, Insightful represented the transition to a productive remote work environment. It was a much-needed tool that enabled the company to make a seamless transition to remote work with as minimal an impact on productivity levels as possible.

The software offered all the tools the company needed, and crucially, at the right price point. From day one, the company’s director backed the tool, and supporting directors soon got on board with the software. With company-wide buy-in, implementing the software was hassle-free, and it has provided peace of mind ever since.

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What Insightful does is give us peace of mind.

Neil Williams, Group IT Manager, Day’s Motor Group
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Creating a Cohesive Work Environment in the Face of Uncertainty

Insightful has allowed Day’s Fleet division to continue operations in spite of disruptions to its traditional way of working. While social restrictions cut employees off from each other and dampened social connections, productivity levels have remained consistent with Insightful in place.

The visibility and reassurance Insightful provides soothed any concerns surrounding the transition to remote work. As such, the company has been able to go from strength to strength even in the face of ongoing uncertainty.

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We’ve gained an understanding of what’s being done in the timescales allocated for tasks.

Neil Williams, Group IT Manager, Day’s Motor Group
case study supportzebrainsightful case study

Insightful Lets You Manage & Boost Productivity in Real-Time

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Maintaining Productivity

Dips in productivity are sometimes a result of circumstances outside of your control, but often there’s a clear reason. Insightful helps you maintain productivity by revealing trends, patterns and causes of dips, regardless of how and where employees are working.

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Accelerated Onboarding

Given the simplicity of the software and its mass deployment options, it’s easy to onboard hundreds or even thousands of users, and enable them to quickly get to grips with the software with minimal disruption.

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Employee Performance Insights

With Insightful, monitoring employee performance is straightforward. The dashboard overview provides you with real-time data, while the reports allow you to assess performance over time.

Insightful Makes Managing Your Team’s Performance Simple and Effective

Insightful gives you access to a wealth of workdata you can use to evaluate and boost productivity levels.

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