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Insightful + Wrike Integration

Track task time for a clear productivity overview.

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The Insightful integration for Wrike enables you to track time on your projects and tasks. It also empowers you to boost productivity via in-depth insights into activities, app and website usage, and more. Understand upcoming project timelines from project time data with this Insightful integration for Wrike.

Key Benefits

Get to the bottom of productivity with project-based time data. Identify the bottlenecks and inefficiencies that prevent your teams from being as productive as they can be.

Tracking activities, app and website usage, and productivity reports enable you to optimize how your team operates.
Learn more about the apps and websites your teams rely on. Find out which tools support productivity and which don’t. Use this information to support your teams with the right tools.

Use project and task tracking to determine how long various tasks and projects take your teams. Use this information to forecast upcoming project timelines.

Understand the underlying financials behind your projects by tracking key metrics such as labor cost and billable hours. Use this data to accurately invoice clients and uphold employee payroll.

To record time on your projects and tasks, simply start the timer with a single click from the Insightful widget. The simple clock-in, clock-out functionality is user-friendly, even for first-time users.

From your Dashboard, you can easily manage which projects will appear in your employees' agents.

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Project Management
Use project and task time tracking to identify workforce productivity trends.

Assess Team Productivity with Project-Based Tracking

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Proof of Work

Get definitive proof of work and accountability with custom interval screenshot monitoring.

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Productivity Management

Track website and app usage so you can support your teams with the best tools for their work.

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Hybrid and Remote

Use location-based tracking to understand more about how your employees work best.

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Client Login

Open up your work process to clients for full transparency so you can instill trust.

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Create and send accurate invoices based on automatic project hour tracking.

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Receive real-time attendance alerts that let you know when employees are late.

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