Creating an Accountable Work Environment With Insightful

Explore how Vitality Medical managed to increase accountability while simultaneously protecting their customer and employee data.

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Employee Monitoring
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Insightful helped us create a fair environment for employees, where everyone is accountable for their actions.

James Erickson, IT Manager
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Vitality Medical Before Insightful

Vitality Medical has been selling quality medical supplies to consumers, hospitals, and various health centers across the US for over 20 years. With more than 2.5 million happy customers, they are a recognized industry leader.

The nature of Vitality Medical’s products makes them vital to the healthcare needs of their clients. This made keeping business running smoothly even more pressing during the pandemic.

While office-based, the different departments of Vitality Medical had various methods for tracking daily progress, ranging from sheets to project management tools. When the Vitality Medical team moved to working from home, however, they quickly realized that this combination of methods didn’t provide accurate data about productivity and performance.

Soon enough, they found Insightful - a software solution that helped them measure productivity, while staying transparent and keeping their client’s privacy intact.

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We trust our employees that they’re doing what they’re supposed to do, but with Insightful we have the ability to validate that trust.

James Erickson, IT Manager
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Favorite Features

employee login

Employee Login

Giving employees access to their data helped Vitality Medical be transparent and open with their employees, keeping them informed and involved in the productivity tracking process.

privacy settings

Privacy Settings

The ability to disable tracking and screenshots in specific apps is crucial for Vitality Medical because they work with sensitive data and must adhere to privacy-related regulations like HIPAA.

apps and websites tracking

Apps and Websites Tracking

With access to exact data about app and website usage, combined with Productivity Labels, managers at Vitality Medical were able to create a strong  culture of accountability.

Full Transparency is Always the Best Policy

One of many reasons Vitality Medical knew Insightful was the best employee monitoring solution for them is the Employee Login feature.

From the get-go, management at Vitality Medical was set on being upfront with employees with the introduction of Insightful. They were intent on providing employees with all the details about the software and letting them access their own data whenever they want.

This transparency-first approach paid quick dividends.

Insightful quickly became a part of their new company culture. Employees understood why the software was needed, an acceptance driven in large by being able to see the data being collected.

Like with any company that has ingrained processes, there was some effort involved in instituting a new system. But thanks to the implementation support Vitality Medical got from Insightful, the shift happened smoothly without any major issues.

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Insightful definitely created a different culture, but we’ve been able to go through the process and adjust to it. Now, it’s just another tool we’re using on a daily basis.

James Erickson, IT Manager
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Accountability and Productivity Go Hand in Hand

Since Vitality Medical didn’t have any objective productivity numbers before Insightful, they can’t yet make any before and after productivity comparisons.  

However, Insightful has increased accountability and helped Vitality Medical create a fair environment for their employees.

In addition, they were able to determine that some team members weren’t contributing as much as they thought. With Insightful installed, Vitality Medical had the data to back up these claims. This has allowed them to have more conversations around accountability and productivity with their workers.

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We love that Insightful keeps innovating with new features, and that they’re listening to what their clients really need.

James Erickson, IT Manager
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Insightful is Designed With Your Team’s Privacy Needs in Mind

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Customizable Tracking

Insightful offers multiple options for employee monitoring which won’t impede their privacy -- from flexible clock in options to only tracking specific apps and websites.

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Turn Off Tracking and

If your team is accessing sensitive data on a regular basis, Insightful lets you turn off screenshots and tracking in those apps, ensuring you can keep everyone’s privacy protected.

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Privacy Regulations

Thanks to industry-leading privacy-focused features, Insightful helps your company easily comply with any type of privacy regulations relevant to your industry.

Track Employee Performance Without Compromising Privacy

The flexible privacy features of Insightful help you drive your team’s performance while always staying compliant with privacy regulations.

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