Unlocking Employee Potential and Hidden Business Value

Find out how Insightful helped Trib Total Media find gaps in their employees’ workflow and provide them with more training to reach their full potential.

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We needed a set of unobtrusive eyes so that we could continue focusing on the big picture.
David Fellabaum,
Executive Director of Information Systems

Trib Total Media Before Insightful

Trib Total Media is a multimedia network of daily and weekly newspapers, weekly shoppers and websites.
In addition, Trib Total Media provides media planning, digital marketing, commercial printing, ecommerce solutions and other services.

As is the case for most organizations, 2020 was tough on Trib Total Media. Their customers had to cut marketing budgets and finding new clients proved quite a challenge.

While navigating significant changes in their core business operations, Trib Total Media also went through another major transition – moving to a remote working environment and managing remote teams.
Suddenly, they lost their immediate connection with their employees and no longer had visibility of what staff was working on.

We needed data that we could base the conversation on.
David Fellabaum,
Executive Director of Information Systems

Favorite Features


The intuitive design makes it simple for Trib Total Media to access and customize settings within the dashboard.

Automatic Reports

Receiving automatic reports saves managerial time and ensures Insightful is used to enhance collective performance, not focus on individual data.

Activities Tracking

Real-time activities tracking allows Trib Total Media to see the active vs. idle time of their employees to figure out who has gaps in their workload.

Open Communication Is the Key of Successful Implementation

Trib Total Media knew that open communication and transparency would be the key to the seamless implementation of Insightful.

The first step was for the President to send an email to all employees explaining the reasons for using Insightful, what would be monitored and how the system would be managed. Afterwards, each department head had direct conversations with their employees to give them more details about the tool. The software was installed remotely but with the employee watching to make them feel more at ease and part of the on-boarding process.

Trib Total Media was intent on avoiding Insightful being used in any unintended way. So, only a few top executives in the company have administrative or managerial access to the full platform. Managers receive automated daily reports with data for their specific teams. Besides saving managerial time, this approach lets employees know that the company isn’t monitoring their every step throughout the day.

There was a huge difference between the perception of what our teams were doing and the actuality of what our teams were doing.
David Fellabaum,
Executive Director of Information Systems

Realizing Employees Weren’t Fully Engaged

Before Insightful, Trib Total Media’s management team was certain their employees were fully engaged.
Goals were being hit and the organization was happy with the outcomes, results, and deliverables they received.

They were in for a surprise.

Upon installing Insightful, the newfound data revealed that employee computer activity was 50% less than logged work hours.

Insightful helped us identify good employees who were being underutilized.
David Fellabaum,
Executive Director of Information Systems

Using the Data to Their Advantage

The behavioral insights Insightful unearthed immediately empowered Trib Total Media. The company dug a little deeper into the lack of engagement revealed by the data and identified good employees who were being underutilized due to the transition from in-office to remote work.

Trib Total Media was able to provide these employees with cross-training and ultimately re-purposed their time and capabilities to the benefit of the organization and the employees.

Insightful Was Designed With Your Needs in Mind

Discover Gaps in Your Workload

Get detailed activity metrics to find out how effective your employees really are during the day.

Identify Areas for Improvement

Analyze activities to discover which employees might be struggling with their tasks, and provide them with additional training to make them more productive.

Stay in Touch Even When Working Remotely

Ensure you always know what your team is working on and see their progress, regardless of their location.

Unlock Your Employees’ Full Potential

Insightful gives you unmatched data to analyze employee workloads, discover workflow gaps, model top performers, and more.
No credit card required.