Gaining Reassuring Proof of Work in Any Situation

Discover how the Housing Authority of Bergen County maintained and improved productivity while working from home.

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HABC Before Insightful

Housing Authority of Bergen County (HABC) is a public housing agency in New Jersey. They have one main office, and multiple field offices around the county. Before the pandemic their entire team was working from the office, however as the COVID-induced lockdown started, a rapid shift to working from home was needed.

It’s unusual for a government agency to work remotely. This presented additional challenges for HABC as their team grappled with accountability, timesheets and proving to their board that being productive is possible when working from home.

HABC had a payroll system in place that enabled employees to clock in and out, but they needed greater visibility into the daily activities of their newly remote workforce.

We were looking for a modern, user-friendly solution and we stumbled upon ‍Insightful. We tried it, loved it, and jumped on board pretty quickly.
Joe D’Angelo,
Information Systems Specialist

Favorite Features

Real-Time Insights

Understanding employee activity status with a click of a button when they’re working from home makes daily operations simpler for HABC.

Automated Reports

Automated weekly and monthly reports deliver the most relevant and insightful employee data to managers on a regular basis.

Activities Tracking

Indisputable proof of work via daily activity data provided reassurance and clarity to managers who found themselves in a work-from-home scenario for the first time.

Seamlessly Introducing and Implementing ‍Insightful

The Director of the HABC had a meeting with the entire team to explain the short-term need to work from home, and the accompanying requirement to implement a monitoring tool.

HABC leadership emphasized that the introduction of Insightful was to enable remote work via aggregated data insights, not as a way of monitoring every minute of an employee’s day. In particular, Insightful was to become a trusted source for proof of work, especially when resolving complaints from the public.

Initially, HABC admits, some employees did have reservations regarding the software; but those dissipated quickly as staff learned how Insightful would be used and what data it collects.

It’s a way to quantify the work that’s being done, and having the data to backup what’s done is really a game changer.
Joe D’Angelo,
Information Systems Specialist

Boosting Productivity One
Day at a Time

HABC employees had great productivity levels from the get-go, but managers did notice a productivity bump after the implementation of Insightful. The software helped them get specific, individual employee data and allowed them to drill into it to see how they’ve progressed over time.

At some point, HABC will be back in the office. And they have no doubts that they’ll keep using Insightful. HABC leadership recognizes that the data Insightful provides is highly valuable regardless of location. It will continue to inform team performance, analyze productivity, and see how it trends up and down within their organization.

‍Insightful Has Your Back Wherever You Work

Flexible Tracking Options

Employees using a combination of company-owned and personal devices? No problem. ‍Insightful comes with a set of customizable features for any working situation.

Reassuring Proof of Work

Deep employee’ activity data combined with time tracking and screenshots to give you objective and indisputable proof of work -- no matter how many projects or employees you have.

Deep Productivity Insights

With ‍Insightful, you can take the guesswork out of your team’s productivity. Access accurate and relevant data that will help you further improve the productivity and efficiency of your team.

Easily Track, Analyze & Optimize Employee Productivity

‍Insightful comes with all the features you need to objectively analyze and meaningfully improve your employees’ daily work.
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