Optimized Evaluations Skyrocket Productivity to 90%+

Learn how Insightful helped Digital Estimating decrease managerial workloads and remove human error from performance evaluations to create more productive employees.

employee monitoring case study
company size
Company Size
47 employees
Pakistan and Usa
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Time Tracking
digital estimating team

Digital Estimating Before Insightful

Digital Estimating is an SMB from Pakistan that does material and labor construction estimations for clients all over the United States. Most of their business comes from the same clients, so quality of work is among their top priorities.

Before their team started using Insightful, managers were using Google Sheets to grade employees’ work on a project-by-project basis. This ad-hoc system sapped a lot of valuable managerial time, lacked vital objectivity and was prone to errors. And this caused problems.

During their regular performance evaluations, Digital Estimating employees consistently raised questions and often even complaints about their performance grades. Not the hallmarks of a high-performing team. Enter Insightful.

time tracking case study
When we started using Insightful, productivity of our team was at around 78%. Within the first few weeks it increased to about 90%
productivity monitoring software
work from home software

Even before COVID-19 started we were looking at implementing a tool like this, so we could eliminate human input from the evaluations in order to make them objective. But we were also looking to improve the quality of work as much as possible.

remote management software
- Umer Alam, CEO

Favorite Features

apps and websites tracking

Apps and Websites Tracking

Digital Estimating employees essentially only need a couple of tools to do their job, so Insightful helps them see where time is spent during the day.

project management

Project Management

Tracking projects and the time spent on them is essential for Digital Estimating because it gives them a clear picture of work, and provides more transparency for their clients.

time tracking

Time Tracking

Digital Estimating bills by the hour, so Insightful gives them exact data about time spent on projects and improves their billing practices.

umer alam

Increasing Productivity and Quality of Work

It was clear to Digital Estimating managers that employees were falling short on productivity, especially once they started working from home. Insightful’s in-depth behavioral insights and analytics helped them turn things around.

productivity growth
When we started using Insightful, productivity of our team was at around 78%. Within the first few weeks it increased to about 90%, and we’re still seeing that trend of productivity growth.
time tracker software
- Umer Alam, CEO

Making Insightful a Part of Company Culture

Like with any new system, there was a period of adjustment for Digital Estimating when they first instituted Insightful. Umer says it was short lived, and largely due to having to change habits, rather than anything to do with the software itself.

insightful company culture

There were complaints on the employees’ side in the beginning. Not essentially about the software itself, but they (employees) were making excuses about why they weren’t logging into Insightful. We’ve passed that stage and Insightful is now a part of our company culture.

- Umer Alam, CEO

Insightful Was Designed With Your Needs in Mind

productivity booster

Increase Productivity and Quality of Work

Measure and analyze employees’ performance to find bottlenecks and increase productivity at the team and organization level.

employee evaluations

Improve Employee Evaluations

Stop relying on what you remember, and add an objective point of view to each employee or project evaluation through historical data.

top performers

Identify and Reward Top Performers

Get deep insights into each employee’s work, and combine this with data from your other systems to find the best way to reward your top performers.

Want to Better Assess and Enhance Your Team’s Performance?

Insightful gives you everything you need to objectively assess employee performance to boost long-term productivity and performance.

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