Boosting Remote Work Productivity with Insightful

With Insightful, Classic Tech has transitioned from office-based work to remote work without a dip in productivity.

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Productivity increased significantly after using Insightful.

Sujan Dahal, Network and System Manager
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Classic Tech Before Insightful

Founded in 2009, Classic Tech came to the market with a proposition that, at the time, many saw as unnecessary. Paving the way for widespread internet use in Nepal, Classic Tech laid down the infrastructure, at great expense, to cater for a future in which the internet would become a necessity for most.

Today, Classic Tech is a market leader, and is considered one of the most reputable internet service providers in Nepal. It provides more than 230,000 customers with broadband internet service. The company also offers IPTV as a value-added service to its customers.

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Insightful made it easier to manage resources.

Sujan Dahal, Network and System Manager
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Favorite Features

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Employee Productivity Monitoring

Classic Tech made the transition to remote work as a result of the pandemic, and the ability to understand what their team is working on helps maintain high levels of productivity.

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Time Tracking

Being able to track idle time and time spent working is important for a company like Classic Tech that prides itself on efficiency and productivity.

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Cross-Platform Compatibility

For Classic Tech, cross-platform compatibility is a must. The ability to install Insightful on both Mac and Windows OS made it easy to onboard all employees with the software.

Adapting to the Shift to Remote Work With Insightful

Classic Tech previously relied on in-house software to monitor employee productivity levels, but it proved to be insufficient for their needs. That’s where Insightful comes in. Classic Tech adopted the software when everything changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

Whereas most workers worked in the company’s offices scattered throughout Nepal before the pandemic, once restrictions ramped up, many were made to work from home. As such, it was important to Classic Tech that they had a workforce and productivity analytics solution like Insightful in place to make sure the transition went without a hitch.

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Insightful monitors every moment of the workers’ time, from when they clock in to when they clock out, making efficient use of work time

Sujan Dahal, Network and System Manager
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Boosting Productivity Levels With Insightful

One of the most surprising results of using Insightful for Classic Tech was the increase in productivity the company saw. Previously low levels of productivity before adopting Insightful were given a boost due to the precise time tracking functionality of the software.

Classic Tech appreciates that Insightful allows them to hold employees’ priorities and workloads each work day, tracking productivity from the moment they clock in to the moment they clock out. Being able to understand idle time also allows Classic Tech to assign tasks to workers when necessary, and the result is an increase in overall output.

employee monitoring tools

With the help of Insightful features, we could track idle times and based on the information we could allocate tasks to workers

Sujan Dahal, Network and System Manager
case study supportzebrainsightful case study

Insightful Ensures Time Is Used More Effectively and Efficiently

real time monitoring

Idle Time Monitoring

With Insightful’s tools, employers and managers can find out if employees are idle at any point during the work day, and the root cause.

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Task Assignment Based on Accurate Time Data

With the accurate time data that Insightful provides, companies can assign tasks accordingly to better balance and manage workloads.

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Increased Employee Productivity

With Insightful installed, employees and employers can understand productivity trends and patterns, and what influences them.

Create a More Productive Work Environment With Insightful

Insightful gives you the key work data insights you need to  boost productivity and improve workflows.

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