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Insightful + HR Partner Integration

Get automatic data syncing and real-time updates in Insightful.

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Use the Insightful integration to automatically migrate your employee HR data from HR Partner. Insightful will assign employees to their respective teams once the data syncing process is complete.

Key Benefits

This Insightful integration offers full one-way data syncing, simplifying your workforce management and allowing for greater opportunities for effective productivity monitoring.

Eliminate manual busywork as you’ll get real-time updates to your HR data whenever you make a change in HR Partner.

Once you have your enriched employee data in Insightful, the integration will assign individuals to their respective teams so you can hit the ground running and start tracking productivity.

Coming Soon

You can track attendance in Insightful, but also monitor absenteeism and PTO. With synchronized PTO data for your employees, you can gain visibility into availability for effective scheduling.

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HR Partner
Employee Directory
Automatically sync and enrich employee HR data in Insightful for streamlined workforce management.

Simplify the Data Syncing Process for Streamlined Productivity Tracking

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Productivity Monitoring

Tap into Insightful’s advanced time tracking and reporting features to monitor performance. Identify trends using the data you collect, and make changes in real time.

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Activities Monitoring

Get a detailed picture of what your employees are working on with activity labels and website/app usage monitoring. Assess the tools your teams use for productivity.

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Hybrid and Remote

Support hybrid and remote work with time tracking. Accommodate various schedules, and help employees get more from their time with tailored suggestions.

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Employee Wellbeing Tracking

Get visibility into your workload distribution so you can understand employee wellbeing in relation to the amount of work on their plate. Proactively identify signs of burnout.

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Time Off Sync (Coming soon)

Use synchronized PTO data for effective employee scheduling and workload distribution. Know when you have the capacity for projects, and when you need cover for absent employees.

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Receive real-time attendance alerts that let you know when an employee is running late. Proactively deploy resources and adjust your capacity planning as necessary.

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