Gaining a Granular View Into Productivity From Anywhere

Find out how Insightful helped Strategic Business Alliance better understand their employees’ everyday activities.

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With our team in India working from home, we were faced with a completely new experience and we definitely needed a tool like Insightful to help us navigate this situation.
Partha Nag,
Executive Director

Strategic Business Alliance
Before Insightful

Strategic Business Alliance has been in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry for over a decade. During this time, they’ve helped many companies, in particular law firms, reach their full potential and keep day-to-day operations running smoothly through strategic outsourcing.

Before the COVID-induced lockdown in 2020, Strategic Business Alliance used a time and attendance software that required each employee to log their daily time manually. Reports would then be analyzed at the end of each month, and compared to billing times.

This manual time tracking solution was working sufficiently for Strategic Business Alliance; but, over time, they realized it was only providing a minimal amount of time tracking insights. What they really needed was a solution that combined time tracking with productivity data to truly help them understand team performance, streamline daily activities and enhance business processes.

We loved the fact that Insightful offered time tracking and productivity tracking at the same time.
Partha Nag,
Executive Director

Favorite Features

Productivity Tracking

Having detailed visibility into everyone’s productivity -- and the data to back up conversations around it -- is essential for Strategic Business Alliance, especially with their team working from home.

Real-Time Insights

Real-time behavioral insights give Strategic Business Alliance managers a quick view of what everyone’s working on at any given moment. Plus, real-time insights reveal employee work status: active, idle, or on break.

Time Tracking

Given that they’re billing clients by the hour, Strategic Business Alliance needed an all-in-one software to capture and analyze their team’s time, enabling them to improve efficiency, effectiveness, ROI, and the service they provide clients.

Getting Started With Insightful

The driving force behind Strategic Business Alliance choosing to adopt monitoring software was the pandemic, but they were also very interested in quantifying, for the first time, the productivity of their team.

Adoption and implementation of Insightful was seamless for Strategic Business Alliance. Their team was already accustomed to working with sensitive data, so they’re used to higher levels of monitoring due to the nature of their work.

As always, open communication was key to implementation. Company management announced Insightful, clearly explained how it works, and why they were using it. Then, staff were given every opportunity to ask questions about the use of Insightful. Like any new system, there was a bit of a breaking in period. But the staff quickly became comfortable with the new software -- and results soon followed.

Getting started with Insightful was easy. The implementation was seamless, and it just took some time for us to get used to the new tool.
Partha Nag,
Executive Director

Revealing Surprising Data About How Staff Work

Once Insightful was deployed, managers at Strategic Business Alliance almost instantly gained a newfound understanding of the vast number and variety of websites their employees use while working on client projects.

For managers, this new understanding of tools being used was extremely interesting. For the first time, they had clear sight of which tools employees deemed necessary and how they helped them work. This helped their team evaluate the tools their staff needed to best perform their tasks, and make necessary changes to their cybersecurity protocols.

You think you know which types of tools everyone uses, but then you get a report and get real visibility of which websites the teams are using for work.
Partha Nag,
Executive Director

Insightful is Designed for Performance-Focused BPO Teams

Elevate Performance with Productivity Insights

Get all the data you need to find and improve workflow gaps, bottlenecks and inefficiencies to build a high-performance team.

Track Time to Improve Billing Processes

Effortlessly track time on every project to better manage resources, bill more accurately, and forecast future project costs.

Enhance Client Relationships

Share project data with your clients to establish a better relationship with them from day one through unmatched transparency.

Want to Improve Your Team’s Productivity and Client Relationships?

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