How Insightful Boosts Trust and Strengthens Relationships

After switching to Insightful, Alia Services has experienced an increase in productivity, substantial savings, and built more trust and better relationships with their employees and clients.

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Employee Monitoring
Insightful listens to what we need. Other companies do what works for them and they don't listen to their customers. Insightful actually listens and makes changes. We’ve seen those changes and that's something that we're happy about.
Herber Perez,
IT Manager at Alia Services

Alia Services Before Insightful

Alia Services is a Human Capital Solutions company offering remote payroll and recruitment services to companies of all sizes. Alia Services’ workforce is entirely remote, with employees operating across nine different countries.

Due to their widespread workforce, Alia had already gone from a small office to working fully remote before the pandemic hit. As a result, their employees were already equipped with a variety of software for communication and tools to support remote work. But they lacked an effective way to manage performance. 

After going fully remote, Alia began to look for tools to improve the way they work. They had spent four years looking for unintrusive tools to increase productivity and revenue, build better trust with employees, and manage people in the best way possible. Before discovering Insightful, Alia was using a combination of two different tools to try to cover their needs but were unable to yield the precise data they were looking for.

The decision to switch to Insightful was actually pretty simple. We agreed really quickly; the customer service manager was excellent.
Herber Perez,
IT Manager at Alia Services

Favorite Features

Idle vs. Active Time

Because Alia’s employees work hourly, the idle vs. active time feature allows them to see exactly how many actual hours are spent generating revenue for the company.

Activity Logs

The Activity Logs feature enables Alia to get an exact overview of websites visited and see the specific URLs employees are visiting, helping them identify potential security vulnerabilities. 

Productivity Tracking

The productivity tracking feature gives Alia visibility into employee habits and behaviors. This helps them to identify both unwanted behaviors as well as best practices, equipping them with insight to better manage and coach employees.

Respecting Employees’ Privacy with Insightful

The decision for Alia to switch to Insightful was pretty simple. It always requires some finesse to introduce any new software to employees, so they made some internal documents and meetings to explain what Insightful is, how it works, and demonstrate how  privacy and data is protected at all times..

Because employees use a mix of both company and personal devices, privacy was a particular topic of focus during onboarding. Alia managers explained Insightful’s customizable settings mean only work-related activity is captured, and private activity outside of work hours is never captured. This provided important assurance and clarity for employees using personal computers. 

Alia also gives employees the option to see their own data via the dashboard, so they can track their time and productivity, and identify trends in their own performance. This plays a huge role in building trust throughout the organization. Since Alia pays hourly, employees can also be confident that they will be paid accurately based on an accurate record of productive hours. 

Insightful enables our people to be more productive but also helps us organize better and strategize for expansion and growth.
Herber Perez,
IT Manager at Alia Services

Insightful Drives Clear and Measurable Expectations

Before Insightful, Alia had no real productivity data available. After implementation, they quickly saw a monthly saving of almost $12,000 on unproductive hours! They found out that some employees had been taking advantage of their hourly scheme. The idle vs. active time feature made a huge difference on this front. Now workers are paid for actual work; their expectations are clear and measurable, which improves the relationship between Alia and their employees. 

In the past, what made a “good employee” was based only on how many hours they worked rather than productivity. Insightful’s productivity data opened up new doors for managers, who now had access to real data that allowed them to identify new coaching opportunities. What’s more, Insightful gives managers (and employees) the accurate data they need to perfect remote working habits. This is especially valuable as many team members are working remotely for the first time.

Something else that surprised Alia was the behaviors that Insightful revealed. For example, they found that some people were doing things in a different way than they had planned – but it was working! This helped them develop new best practices. They also identified some bad behaviors of good employees, which they were able to address through coaching. 

Insightful’s impact on our clients has been positive. They can see the productivity rates, hours, and app usage for themselves. They trust the information that we send them because it’s objective with actual, accurate numbers. We can back it up with real data.
Herber Perez,
IT Manager at Alia Services

Insightful Helps Strengthen Internal & External Relationships

Build Trust Between Employers and Employees

Insightful provides a transparent and accurate way of tracking productive hours that strengthens trust between you and your employees (and vice versa).

Present Accurate Data to Clients

Present your clients with accurate reports backed up by real, objective data. Insightful helps you build a reputation as a trustworthy and reliable organization that clients will want to work with. 

Improve Your Management Approach and Coaching

Use Insightful’s actionable insights to improve your managers’ approach to coaching employees. Thanks to the data, you can identify and mitigate unwanted behaviors as well as identify best practices.

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