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Revolutionary Time Tracking Software for Architects

The first automated solution which will provide you with eye-opening insights for your time in BIM tools.

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Supported tools:

Autodesk Revit
Navis works
BIM 360's
BIM 360's
BIM 360's
BIM 360's


Insightful integrates with any BIM software you’re using, and automatically tracks time your team spends on each stage of the project, without interrupting their work. It’s a time tracking software for architects which will show you a new perspective of your BIM projects.


Integration with BIM Software

By integrating with your BIM tools, Insightful maps time to the corresponding project automatically. All the work done in AutoCAD, Revit, Vectorworks files will be tracked and assigned to tasks - without any action on yours and your employees’ side.


Time Standardization

Thanks to insights you’ll receive through regular reports you’ll be able to standardize average time needed for any task on the list.

Better Planning

You can also look back in history and get insights for past projects, which will help you create more accurate BIM execution plans for future projects.

Increased Revenue

Once you have these details, you can optimize workload so your team can complete more projects in a shorter time period. And completing projects and a faster pace means higher revenue.

time tracking software for architects

Project Budget Management

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No matter if you bill clients per square meter or per hour, tracking project budget is important in order to increase revenue and plan future projects better.

With time tracking and billing software for architects like Insightful you can track overtime costs, money spent and received, as well as proper budget distribution on every project.

What is more, you can compare project income and costs to establish profitability of any project your team completed.

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Increased Team’s Efficiency

Insightful isn’t exclusively used to track BIM tools. You can gain deeper insights on how your employees spend their working hours whichever apps they’re using. Through our reports you can see individual, team and organizational productivity, effectiveness and focus levels.


Through our timeline feature you can get an excellent visual guide of employees’ working hours, including their active times, breaks, manually added hours and overtime.

time tracking and billing software for architects

Apps and Websites

Find out which apps and websites your employees are using during working hours and how much time they’re spending using them. Understand how app and website usage affects their working habits and productivity.

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Productivity Reports

Based on employees activity, used apps and websites, Insightful will create insightful charts to help you analyze your team’s productivity.

architects time tracking software

More Reasons Why Insightful is Perfect for Your Business

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Project Snapshots

Optionally, Insightful can take screenshots as proof of work. This is especially important for projects and tasks because it shows both progress and historical development of the project.

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Forget about manual clock-ins and out.
With Insightful, you can track employees’ working hours automatically via their computer activity.

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Client Log in

Allow your clients to access their project so they can make sure they’re paying for the right amount of time, have a proof of employees’ work and keep track of project progress.

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