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Insightful helps make insurance teams more productive and profitable. Speed up claims processing, optimize sales, decrease underwriting risk, and improve support outcomes.
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Insightful software features shown on product dashboard: Productivity Trends, Activities/Timeline and Office vs. Remote
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For All Departments

Making Claims, Risk & Sales Departments More Effective & Connected

Benchmark Productivity 

Compare your underwriting team’s home vs. office productivity to design the optimal structure for productive work. 

Workload & Capacity Planning 

Manage your underwriting team’s workloads and plan your staffing needs to maximize your resource use.

Optimize Your Underwriting Process

Optimally assess risk by tracking your underwriting process to identify areas for improvement, as well as tracking technology usage and adoption.

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See How Your Team Uses Their Time

See how employees use their time as part of your claims process – and identify areas where time is being lost.

Increase Processing Efficiency

Clearly identify areas where your processing team can be more efficient, and track their progress over time. 

Manage Workloads & Capacity Needs

Better balance workloads and do more effective capacity planning to speed up the time it takes to reach effective successful resolutions.

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Sales-Boosting Activity Insights

Get visibility into the activities behind your sales process to identify high – and low – ROI tasks.

Benchmark Performance

Benchmark your employees’ performance against effort to track output and offer additional coaching.

Make Sales Processes More Efficient

Use workflow and productivity to find and implement new ways to make your sales processes more efficient.

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See Productivity in Real-Time 

Get a clear picture of overall productivity and compare productivity from home vs. the office to design a highly productive customer service team.

Improve Your Customer Service 

Identify opportunities for better use of time, and higher utilization of Agents via Mission Control and more accurate capacity planning.

Optimize Ticket & Request Response Time

Track handle time, alongside technology usage and adoption, to improve ticket response time and outcomes.

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Success Stories

Farmers Insurance Achieves 92% Productivity

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“When we started using Insightful the productivity was at about high 70 to 80%. Right now we’re at 92%! We have people coming over at the end of the day and asking: ‘How did I do today? I feel I had a really good day.”

Brett Vance

Farmers Insurance Agency Owner

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The Latest Operational Efficiency Insights for Insurance Teams

Optimize Insurance Operations With Digital Tools

Enhance efficiency, outreach and client relationships with technology.

Boost Insurance Customer Service with Analytics

Optimize your workforce and strengthen customer relations.

How To Drive Growth In Insurance

Discover the benefits of real- time monitoring and boost profitability.


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Insightful Features

Every Feature Insurance Teams to Optimize Performance

Time Tracking
Project & Task Tracking
Workload Management
Productivity Manage
Capacity Planning
App & Website Usage
Data Security
Real-time Monitoring
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