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Workplace AI That Makes Managing Easier

Make better and faster decisions about every aspect of your workforce with AI. It’s like having a team of data scientists – without the cost or headcount.
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Leverage AI for Superior

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Fast, Clear Conclusions

InsightsAI helps you make better decisions by giving you instant insights about how to improve your productivity, processes and workloads.

Manage More Effectively

InsightsAI gives you a deeper layer of insights about your team’s performance, helping you manage better based on data, not assumptions.

Save Time & Effort

InsightsAI eliminates time-consuming tasks like data analysis and reporting, saving you time and effort. What took hours, now takes seconds.


See How Insightful's Work Activity Data Unlocks New Efficiency

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''Insightful has really helped us pinpoint inefficiencies in our processes.''

Tanya Holmes

Director of Client Services at Botkeeper

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Integrates with All Your Tools to Boost Productivity

Insightful se integra con las aplicaciones que utilizas a diario, lo que te permite sincronizar los datos de todos los sistemas para obtener información aún más detallada.

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Se Integra con sus Herramientas de Gestión de Proyectos Favoritas

Sincronice sus herramientas de gestión de proyectos para obtener aún más información basada en el tiempo.

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Discover More About InsightsAI

Demo Video

InsightsAI: Demo Video

See the power of InsightsAI in two minutes to discover what it can do for your workforce.


InsightsAI: Demo Webinar

Watch as Insightful CEO Ivan Petrovic does a live walkthrough of InsightsAI.


Read the Latest AI Blog

Read blog post to learn how to AI can turn your workforce data into actionable insights.


Even More Features to Boost Your Team’s Productivity

Time Tracking

Keep projects on track and on budget with definitive proof of work.

Screen Monitoring

Boost the visibility of your teams using screenshots and app usage.

Office vs Remote

Gain unmatched insights into the behavior of remote and in-office employees.


What is InsightsAI?

InsightsAI is a first-of-its-kind workplace AI technology. It allows you to interpret complex workplace data instantly, turning it into actionable insights you can use to make better decisions in daily work.

How does InsightsAI work?

InsightsAI is as simple to use as writing a message on Slack or Teams. Simply ask InsightsAI a question from your Insightful dashboard and in seconds it will respond with an answer.

What is AI-Guided Management?

AI-Guided management is a new concept where AI takes over many of the rote or time-consuming tasks that managers would otherwise have to take on. For example, analyzing the effectiveness of your employees, processes and workloads can now be handled by InsightsAI.

How do I access InsightsAI?

InsightsAI is currently only available through our private Beta program. If you would like to join this program, email us on In future, InsightsAI will be an add-on feature available through the main Insightful platform.

Does Insightful come with a free trial?

Yes. Insightful comes with a free 7-day full feature trial. Visit to start your free trial now.

Make Managing Easier With AI

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