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Productivity Software for Hybrid Workplaces

Insightful is purpose-built for hybrid workforces that want to boost the productivity of office-based teams and remote employees.

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Hybrid Workplaces

Make Hybrid Work Simple and Effective

Team split between remote work and the office? Insightful helps you easily manage them like they’re all in one place. Boost productivity, precisely track time and manage projects more effectively.

hybrid workforces
Pinpoint Accurate Data Across Multiple Locations & Devices

Consistently capture deep behavioral data and insights, whether your employees work remotely, in the office, or switch between both.

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Analyze Productivity In & Out of the Office

Segment your vital productivity insights for in-office and remote employees to clearly understand when, where and how your team does their best work.

Hybrid Work
Automated Time Tracking for Hybrid Teams

Keep everyone on the same schedule, get projects done more efficiently and better manage your hybrid team’s time on tasks and projects.

Drive Productivity in Your Hybrid Workplace

With Insightful, productivity can always be the priority, regardless of location. Effectively measure, analyze and support productivity across your office-based team and remote workers.

employee computer monitoring software

View and analyze productivity based on working location to see where employees work best so you can build an optimal hybrid work model.

staff tracking

Productivity tracking and labelling automatically capture individual and team productivity levels and trends across your hybrid workforce.

monitoring software for emaployees

Auto-generate in-depth, cross-location productivity reports or run raw data through your BI tools to pinpoint areas for improvement.

Hybrid Teamsremote work

Automatically Track Time from Anywhere

Capture, analyze and make the most of your team’s time with automated time tracking. Elevate project management, gain proof of work, enhance resource management and more.

time tracking projects

Automatically track time on tasks and projects to get work done more efficiently and hit every deadline – in or out of the office.

work time track

Simplify time and attendance with activity-based clock ins and outs that reveal when and what office-based and remote workers are working on.

employee time tracking

The lightweight Insightful time tracker captures time and activities whether your employees work remotely or in the office – or switch between both.

remote employeehybrid work model

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Simplifying Office-Based & Remote Employee Monitoring

Better understand how your hybrid team works. Real-time data lets you see what employees are working on, monitor workloads, and ensure your team has the support they need.

employee computer monitoring software

Activity tracking and customizable screenshots provide a complete picture of what your hybrid workforce is working on each day, for how long, and when.

staff tracking

Real-time monitoring gives you instant insights about what your remote workforce or in-office employees are working on at any given moment.

monitoring software for emaployees

Get a detailed breakdown of app and website usage to see which tools your employees need to do their job, and set permissions based on individual roles.

Remote Employee Monitoringproductivity software

Build Better Workflows to Improve Efficiency

Run a more efficient hybrid team. Keep workflows running smoothly, ensure employees have necessary support and set a productivity baseline that inspires success.

time tracking projects

Use deep productivity insights to set a baseline for success, benchmark performance and model winning behaviors in your hybrid workplace.

work time track

Breakdown projects into easily assignable tasks, then track progress to identify and breakdown bottlenecks by building better processes.

employee time tracking

Gain a clear view of time spent on tasks and projects to identify unbalanced workloads, extra training requirements or the need for additional resources.

remote monitoringremote productivity

A Lightweight, Flexible Agent Built for Hybrid Work

The Insightful agent installs with zero fuss on personal and company devices. Seamlessly capture and aggregate data from your hybrid team, while always respecting privacy.

work from home monitoringmonitoring work from homeemployee monitoringwork from home managementmonitoring employees work from home

Enterprise-Grade Security In and Out of the Office

Secure your hybrid workforce data with multi-layered security, multi-certificate compliance and encrypted data.

hybrid work monitoring
remote monitoring software

In the Cloud

Secure, industry-leading cloud-based solution built on Google Cloud infrastructure.

monitoring remote employees

On Premise

Experience the security and flexibility of storing data on-premise on your private network.


Built for the Hybrid Workforce of Today and Tomorrow

Hybrid work offers the best of both worlds. The flexibility of remote work and the interconnectedness of the office. But, without the right tools, hybrid teams can become disconnected and fragmented.

With powerful data insights and analytics, Insightful productivity software keeps your employees and data connected. Whether your employees are working remotely, in the office, or come and go between both, Insightful always makes it feel like they are all under the one roof.

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Better Manage Your Hybrid Team With Insightful

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