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Insights that Streamline All Parts of Retail Back Office

Boost Productivity

Create sustainable productivity with productivity metrics, trends and see what impact work location has on performance.

Hybrid Workforce Management

Gain clear visibility into your team’s activity, time and attendance wherever they work.

Optimize Accounting Processes

Map activities that go into your handling processes to identify ways to make them more efficient and effective.

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Remote Productivity Management

Gain insights into productivity levels when working from home vs. the office, then use them to design your optimal work model.

Capacity Planning

Manage your resources more effectively and ensure you are always appropriately staffed, so you avoid the costs of overstaffing or understaffing.

Improve Processing Times

Whether your team uses chat, email or phones, process insights show you how you can more efficiently and effectively handle service requests to improve outcomes.

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Time & Attendance

Get accurate time and attendance reports, wherever your team works. Including alerts about lateness and absence.

Performance Reports

Do better performance reports based on objective performance data, like productivity metrics, time worked and attendance records.

More Accurate Payroll

Easily export your time and attendance data from Insightful to your finance software to quickly create accurate, data-backed payroll.

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Process Optimization

Optimize your logistics processes and inventory management with insights that map the activities that go into them, identifying bottlenecks and areas for improvement.

Technology Usage

Get valuable insights into how your team uses your technology systems and ensure you have the right tools to streamline your logistics and purchasing processes.

Staffing Management

Capacity planning insights help you understand staffing needs throughout high and low seasons, saving you from being crippled by overstaffing or understaffing.

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Success Stories

Our Clients Love Real-World Results

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“Insightful helped us create a fair environment for employees, where everyone is accountable for their actions.”

James Erickson

IT Manager

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The Latest Operational Efficiency Insights for Retail Teams

Operational Challenges of Modern Retail

Learn How Chicago’s Retail Scene streamlined hybrid work.

Reclaiming Lost Focus to Become More Productive

Discover actionable strategies to combat digital distractions.

Navigating Zero-Hour Contracts so Everyone Wins

Learn how to manage these work arrangements with Insightful.


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Insightful Features

All the Features Retail Teams Need to Streamline Operations

Real-Time Insights
Productivity Management
Remote & Hybrid Management
Workflow Analysis
Process Analysis
App & Website Usage
Time on Projects & Tasks
Capacity Planning
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