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Insightful Call Center Monitoring & Time Tracking

Track call performance and monitor agent activity to boost productivity with the call center monitoring tools for performance-focused teams.

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Run a More Efficient, Productive & Profitable Call Center

Insightful's call center monitoring system empowers your business to run more efficiently and effectively via time and activity insights. It’s powerful call center software for enhancing agent productivity and exceeding quotas.

call center tracking software

Effortlessly Track Agent Time

Insightful call center tracking software captures every minute of agent time on and off calls to give you clear visibility of how time is used.

Call Center Management

More Effective Call Center Management

Inbound, outbound, remote or location-based, Insightful enhances profitability by optimizing productivity.

call center software

Real-time Monitoring & Reports

Monitor activity in real-time and receive automated reports to streamline internal processes with a focus on call quality.

Elevate Call Center Performance with Productivity Insights

Improve call center efficiency and profitability by analyzing individual and team performance based on calls, tasks or timeframes.

internet activity monitor

Gain complete visibility of team performance and track call efficiency, duration and quotas via an intuitive real-time dashboard.

monitor computer activity remotely

Use behavioral insights to understand what makes your agents most productive to create an environment where they perform at their peak.

monitor employee computer activity

Track productivity trends daily, weekly or monthly to optimize your team’s performance for the long-term.

call center time tracking
call center employee monitoring

Automatically Track Time to Make Every Minute Count

Simplify call center time tracking within supporting departments and capture every second to maximize your ROI and deliver exceptional team-wide results.

call center performance tracking

Accurately track time by team member, task and project for a complete picture of time allocation.

 call center monitoring

Perform time audits using detailed activity logs to reveal bottlenecks, excessive task lengths and wasted time.

call center quality monitoring tools

Regular screenshots let you see which projects are taking too much of your workers’  time – and where extra training is needed.

Better Manage & Allocate Resources with Data-Rich Reports

Data-rich reports give you clear sight of every minute of company time, helping you monitor overall output, agent performance and resource allocation.

call center monitoring software

Autogenerate reports for internal analysis and easily export as PDF or CSV to provide clients with refreshing transparency.

call center office

Accurately quote new clients and precisely allocate resources using historical hard data.

call center agent monitoring software

Filter, sort and analyze call center performance tracking data by team, case, individual and task for complete oversight.

outbound call center services
employee activity tracker call center

Monitor & Improve Service Quality with Deep Behavioral Insights

Real-time call center monitoring gives you in-depth behavioral insights and precise call center efficiency metrics, empowering you to build systems that optimize service delivery.

call center technology

Track app and website usage to prevent wasted time, redundancy and identify the tools you need to boost individual performance.

Call Center Business

Enhance team-wide performance by breaking down bottlenecks caused by inefficient processes and structures.

insightful for call centers

Closely monitor individual workloads to support employee wellness, reduce turnover and avoid work backlogs.

Easy, Mass Installation for Location-Based and Remote Workforces

Create happy clients and customers with easy-install call center quality monitoring tools that work discreetly in the background.

remote call center monitoring

Location-Based Agents

Capture agent time and activity across your location-based center on company devices.

Remote Agents

Capture agent time and activity when they’re working remotely or on personal devices.

office call center monitoring

Designed for Inbound and Outbound Teams

Inbound Teams

call center monitoring software

Deliver the highest quality
inbound call center services.

Outbound Teams


Deliver the highest quality
outbound call center services.

Backed by the Gold Standard in Security

employee monitoring privacy

Multi-Certificate Security

Insightful data is AICPA SOC 2, ISO 27001 and GDPR compliant to protect against damaging data breaches.

employee monitoring call centers

Dual Data Encryption

Data is fully encrypted at rest with AES-256 and in transit via HTTPS, SSL, TLS 1.2 to deliver the most secure call center monitoring software.

time tracking for call centers

Safeguarding Your Data

Secure sensitive data via on-premise installation on your network or private cloud, secured by an advanced hashing algorithm.

Become a High-Performing Call
Center that Attracts Clients

Individually tracking your growing call center office while maintaining call quality at scale is a real challenge. Insightful's call center agent monitoring software makes it simple.

Insightful’s call center technology elevates your team’s performance by unlocking new ways to improve call center efficiency and service. So you build long-term client relationships and a reputation that attracts more clients.

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