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Insightful + 7shifts Integration

Automatically sync and enrich employee data in real time.

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This integration for 7shifts allows you to instantly and automatically transfer all your employee HR data into Insightful. Once the data has synced, Insightful will assign individual employees to their respective teams.

Key Benefits

The Insightful integration provides full one-way data syncing, so you can interpret employee HR data with powerful workforce analytics.

Removing the need for manual busywork, this integration handles the heavy lifting of transferring all your up-to-date employee data.

It also assigns each employee to their team in Insightful, so you can effortlessly manage and measure performance and productivity levels.

Time Off Sync Coming Soon

View accurate employee schedule information in Insightful with synchronized paid time off data. Simplify workforce management and capacity planning with visibility into employee availability.

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Employee Directory
Use the Insightful integration to pull employee HR data and automatically assign employees to their respective teams.

Simplify Data Syncing for Easy Workforce Management

productivity management icon

Productivity Monitoring

Identify exactly when your employees are at their most - and least - productive. Use labels to determine high-value tasks and assess how well teams spend their time.

activites monitoring icon

Activities Monitoring

Understand exactly what each employee and team is working on in real time. Track website and app usage from the dashboard and build a clear picture of productivity.

hybrid vs remote comparison icon

Hybrid and Remote

Effectively support hybrid and remote work models. Identify peak productivity hours and low-output time for individual employees to optimize schedules.

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Employee Wellbeing Tracking

With increased visibility into how and when your employees work, you can predict when burnout might be on the horizon for certain employees.

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Time Off Sync (Coming soon)

Sync PTO information with Insightful to get further visibility into employee scheduling. Leverage the data to project a more complete picture of productivity.

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With real-time attendance alerts, you can proactively address attendance issues and promote greater workplace accountability.

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