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Insightful Data Entry Monitoring Software

Elevate your data management, streamline processes and get more accurate insights with Insightful data entry monitoring software.

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Mine, Manage and Analyze Data More Effectively

Accuracy, efficiency and timeliness are everything when it comes to data entry. Insightful’s data entry monitoring software empowers your business to mine, manage and analyze data more efficiently and effectively via deep time and activity insights.

data entry time tracking

Track & Optimize Data Specialist Time

Insightful data entry time tracking software captures data specialist time on tasks and projects so you can better understand how they use their time -- and optimize it.

data center screen monitoring

Real-time Monitoring & Reports

Monitor data specialist activity in real-time and receive automated reports to streamline processing workflows, enhance accuracy and decrease redundancy.

data entry services monitoring

Process More Accurate, Valuable Data

More effectively manage your data processing team in a centralized way to save time and enhance the quality of your data via complete oversight of the processes behind it.

Elevate Data Specialist Performance with Productivity Insights

Drive the efficiency and accuracy of your data services team by analyzing individual and team performance based on tasks, projects or timeframes.

data center monitoring

Automatically Track Time to Make Every Minute Count

Simplify data entry time tracking and capture every second of data specialist time to ensure they effectively mine, manage and analyze data to maximize your ROI.

 data entry tracking software

Better Manage & Allocate Resources with Data-Rich Reports

Data-rich reports reveal the time involved in your data entry services, helping you monitor overall output, data specialist performance and resource allocation.

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Monitor & Improve Data Quality with Deep Behavioral Insights

Real-time data center monitoring gives you in-depth insights into how your data specialists process tasks so you can optimize processing systems and enhance accuracy.

employee productivity monitoring tools

Simple, Mass Installation Data Entry Monitoring Software

Create a more effective data services team and unearth more valuable data insights with an easy-install data entry monitoring software that works discreetly in the background.

employee monitoring software

Designed for In-House or Outsourced Data Processing Teams

Do you process data in-house for others? Or outsource data entry services to others? Either way, Insightful helps you collect and analyze more profitable data by keeping the data specialists you depend on accountable and productive.

Data Entry BPO Providers

For data services outsourcing service providers who need to monitor and optimize the performance of their workforce to deliver exceptional client service and boost profitability.

Data Services Clients

For companies who need to track data entry services providers to monitor performance, accuracy, and keep them accountable to ensure they are delivering the data they need most.

Backed by the Gold Standard in Security

secure monitoring software

Insightful data is AICPA SOC 2, ISO 27001 and GDPR compliant to protect against damaging data breaches.

encrypted monitoring software

Data is fully encrypted at rest with AES-256 and in transit via HTTPS, SSL, TLS 1.2 to deliver the most secure insurance data entry tracking software.

safe data monitoring software

Secure document and data management via on-premise installation on your network or private cloud, secured by an advanced hashing algorithm.

employee monitoring data

Process Data More Efficiently, Effectively & Accurately

Whether you handle your data in-house or outsource it, Insightful data entry monitoring software gives you everything you need to monitor, track and optimize your data specialists’ performance.

Simply, Insightful helps deliver more efficient, accurate data processing that saves time and directly drives revenue. And it’s all done with complete confidentiality and industry-leading security.