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Who is This Scholarship For?

If you’re an ambitious college student with an entrepreneurial mindset, then you may be eligible for Insightful’s $2,500 scholarship (awarded twice yearly).

As a recipient, how you use the Scholarship is up to you. Support your studies, jumpstart your career, or create the building blocks of a business.

Are You Eligible?

The Insightful scholarship program is open to students who are currently enrolled in technical, IT, or non-technical (e.g. marketing or business) programs with a minimum GPA of 3.5. Beyond that, you should have ideas and plans for making your mark and positively influencing the tech industry.

Eligibility Criteria:

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Currently enrolled at an accredited university, college, or online college
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Enrolled in a technical, IT, or non-technical
(e.g. marketing or business) program
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Minimum GPA of 3.5
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18 years or older

How to Apply

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Step 1: Write an Essay

Write an essay that explains why you want to work in the tech industry, specifically related to helping build workplaces of the future.

Tell us what drives you to be a part of the tech world, how you plan to contribute to your field of study, and what sets you apart.

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Step 2: Submit Your Application

To submit your application, complete the application and share a link to your essay via Google Docs.

Your essay should:

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Be a minimum of 800 words.
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Focus on the tech industry, specifically its role in building productive, modern workplaces of the future.
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Demonstrate your vision for the tech industry/the future of work, and the role you want to play in it.
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scholarship essay workupls

Step 2: Submit Your Application

To submit your application, complete the application and share a link to your essay via Google Docs.

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Who is this scholarship for?

The Insightful scholarship is for all students who are currently enrolled in technical, IT or non-technical programs who currently have a minimum GPA of 3.5.

What non-technical fields of study are eligible for the scholarship?

Students enrolled in marketing, business, entrepreneur or communications programs with ambitions to build a career in the tech industry are eligible for the Insightful Scholarship program.

Which jurisdictions are eligible for the scholarship?

You must be enrolled in study in a higher education program worldwide. If you are outside the USA, you can use this GPA Calculator to confirm you meet the 3.5 GPA minimum.

When is the application deadline?

The scholarship is awarded twice yearly. The application deadline is May 31 for Fall and November 30 for Spring. That means that if you are seeing this page today, applications are currently open.

How is the scholarship recipient chosen?

Our team will assess and select a Scholarship recipient based on merit, academic performance, financial need, community involvement, extracurricular contribution and the quality of your essay.

Am I allowed to apply multiple times?

Yes. If you aren’t selected based on your first application, you may apply again for the next Scholarship program. It’s recommended that you revise your essay for subsequent applications based on new experiences, achievements or plans.

How will the recipient be contacted?

The winner of the scholarship will be notified via email once the application deadline passes and all submissions have been assessed.

Do you have a scholarship privacy policy?

We do. You can find it here.

Does the scholarship come with employment opportunities?

Currently, the scholarship isn’t accompanied by employment opportunities. However, Scholarship applicants will have the opportunity to apply for Insightful’s internship program when the next intake opens.

Why Do We Offer This Scholarship?

Our founder and CEO, Ivan Petrovic, created his first software while in college. He knows, firsthand, the importance of supporting and giving students a head start – something he wishes he’d had more of as a college student. He also knows many of tomorrow’s leaders, builders and innovators are today’s college students.

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About Insightful

Insightful is a privacy-first employee monitoring software and time tracking software that helps organizations understand how their teams do their best work and build better work environments.

Insightful's monitoring software for employees is used by 1,300+ global companies and 100,000+ users daily. Through immediate visibility and valuable insights, major companies like Office Depot and Allstate depend on Insightful to drive productivity, benchmark performance and improve efficiency.

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